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Eksteen de Waal

Eksteen De Waal (MBA) is an international speaker, writer, author, thinker and leadership consultant.

From a young age, on a farm in sunny South Africa, he discovered his love for teaching and helping others. Passionate about showing others how to live and breathe their strengths in all they do. Eksteen is committed to helping people rediscover their identity and activating their unique superpowers of motivation and connection.

With over 30 years professional experience, Eksteen has spent time in the consulting world; for the financial and tech industries, in skills development as a senior training developer and held various management and director positions – all contributing to his growing passion for people and business.

He started his studies in Computer Science in Stellenbosch and has never stopped learning since. Eksteen has been studying teams and performance for over three decades. During his time in the IT industry, he experienced first-hand that working well as a team under the pressure of tight deadlines was critical to getting the job done. This spurred him on to complete a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management –Erasmus University in 2017. Through his work experience, studies and research, he brings together the worlds of Applied Positive Psychology, organisational behaviour and team dynamics.

Through a deep passion for team development and a belief that compassion is at the heart of all truly successful organisations, he founded Exponentially Me. Exponentially Me is an organisation that focuses on corporate wellness and empowering individuals to be free to live their true selves at work and within their team. His programs help people to connect and discover the heart of the organisation, which fuels the fires of commit and fan the flames of authentic engagement.

A firm believer that people must do what makes them come alive, his talks are delivered with gusto, inspiring people to bring their whole authentic selves to any situations they may face. Through his own interesting life experience, Eksteen has embraced his uniqueness for personal development: to live an exponentially joyful life!


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