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Code of Conduct of the Professional Speakers Association of the Netherlands (PSANL)

As a member of the PSA Netherlands I will:

  1. Conduct myself professionally in both written and verbal communication as a representative of my field, my subject, and the PSA Netherlands.

  2. I will conduct myself in such a manner as to not discredit my profession as speaker, the speaking profession or the PSANL and I will strive to acquit myself in the best possible manner to serve my clients and the profession of speaking

  3. Take all appropriate actions to ensure I represent the organisation and my clients in both their processes and aims

  4. I will refrain from using the intellectual property of others and where so doing I will ensure appropriate referencing and credit is given in accordance to all local and international legal requirements.

  5. Never claim or imply work to be my own when it is not.

  6. Ensure that I have the appropriate permissions to use all work products of others which may include but is not limited to pictures, models, diagrams, ideas, concepts and written works

  7. Always endeavour to treat all speakers with professional courtesy, respect and dignity

  8. support and respect the businesses, personal goals and aims of clients, intermediaries and other speakers

  9. protect the public and audiences against fraud, illegal practices, and any detrimental and damaging conduct and will do whatever is in my power to eradicate it from the speaking industry where I see it occur.

  10. Not be a party to any agreement that will unfairly or unethically exclude any speaker from the market

  11. Serve clients with integrity, competence, and professionalism.

  12. Accept only those engagements for which I possess the appropriate experience and competence to provide the services requested.

  13. Treat appropriately all confidential client information.

  14. Agree in advance with a client on the basis for fees, expenses, payment, and the process for managing cancellations and refunds.

  15. Respect the rights of speaking colleagues and other presenters and never use their proprietary information, stories, examples, and materials without permission.

  16. Respond courteously and respectfully when turning down an opportunity that does not fit with my personal ethics or legal requirements.

  17. Respect the cultural norms and requests of clients and audiences by removing images and language from presentations that are not a fit.

  18. Respect interpretation professionals and treat them as valuable partners in delivering presentations.

  19. Respect the meeting professionals and support their work to deliver a high-quality program.

  20. Represent the global speaking profession with integrity and professionalism.

Apply this Code of Conduct equally in all markets


We, the members of the Professional Speakers Association of the Netherlands, recognize that our association based on our membership supports, recognize and enforce the following values and customs.


  1. We prioritize inclusivity above exclusivity as it pertains to our membership, our customers and audience, and the meetings of our business partners

  2. We openly show respect to both the differences and similarities of all speakers attending our gatherings.

  3. Our recruitment policies do not discriminate and allow for all levels of expertise, faiths, ethnicities, identities, orientations, and physical ability. so as to reflect the society we live in both on and off the stage

  4. We encourage our members to use their unique talents and skills as well as views, and in the same manner encourage discourse on individual views, personal philosophies, business models and perspectives

  5. Both as individuals and as a group we respect the diversity of our national and international audiences by our attitude, language use and behaviour both on stage and off.

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