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Student Members

Students have the option of taking out a student subscription.

Some conditions apply to this:

  • You study at an MBO college, HBO college or university

  • Exceptionally, you are a secondary school student.

  • You have a strong ambition to become an outstanding speaker.

  • You present and speak monthly.


To participate in PSA Netherlands as a student, we need the following from you:

  • A strong motivational video in which you convince us of your ambition to become a speaker. Tell us about your experience, and your goals, your theme and most importantly your WHY. A part of this video should preferably be in English. The video should not be longer than 5 minutes.

  • Proof that you are registered with an educational institution.

After your application, an interview will be scheduled with one of the PSA Netherlands members who is responsible for assessing the requests. This interview will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes. You will hear within 1 week whether your request for admission has been granted.

Your student subscription may be extended up to 3 years, provided you are still a student. This would then be converted into a regular PSA Netherlands membership.

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Student Members
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