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Paul ter Wal

Who is this weird, special, loving, caring and daring man?

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De hoogwelgeboren en weledelgestrenge heer  ter Wal, Ridder in de orde van

Two Professional Speakers Association of the Netherlands (PSANL) Presidents – Frowa Schuitemaker, and Paul ter Wal

Knighted for service to speaking; nationaly and internationally

In the Netherlands, the monarch decrees the Royal Honours list each year, on the day before their birthday.


This year, 2023,  Paul ter Wal is being honoured for his services to speaking and the speaking world.

The order of Orange-Nassau was created in April 1892. Each year dutch citizens are honoured for the socio-economic impact they have had. From sport to business work and even decorations for bravery. Membership of Order is considered the initial rank. Paul was knighted for his work in Zolle, his social impact through Rotary, where he received the Harris Fellowship in 2015, and predominently for the amazing work he does for all of us as speakers, nationally and internationally.

We think Paul would like to hear how he helped you in your speaking career or a personal congratulations message.

Wel deserved "Sir" Paul ter Wal

Initiators: Frowa Schuitemaker (Past president PSANL) & Lindsey Adams  (Past President PSA AU)
Supporters: Hand RUinemand (Co-founder PSANL), Eksteen de Waal (President PSANL), Mike Handcock (President VSAI)