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How we help you develop

The members of the Professional Speakers Association Netherlands want to achieve four objectives together:

Speaking as a business

As a professional speaker you want to grow business. The emphasis is on your entrepreneurial skills. Are you just a speaker or are you a trainer and consultant as well? How do you become visible for interesting events? What is the right online business to tackle? In addition to the experiences of fellow speakers, specialists pay extensive attention to this at the meetings.

Developing as a speaker

You learn to speak by doing it and you don't become a professional speaker just like that, it takes a lot of time and energy. But how do you get better? What do you need to do to convince your audience? How do you make the perfect presentation? You do this by talking about it with fellow speakers, but also with the help of workshops by experts. The best trainers give workshops and presentations. In fact, they are often members too.

Network access

PSA Netherlands enables you to get in touch with fellow speakers. National and international. You will meet professionals with similar interests and complementary qualities. You get a network of people to whom you don't have to explain what it is like to be a speaker. And often this creates opportunities that you could not have realized in any other way.

Global contacts

PSA Netherlands is a member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). As a member of PSA Netherlands, you can attend international conferences for professional speakers for the same price local members pay. This also applies to the annual European Convention of which PSA Netherlands is the convener. The GSF organizes the Global Speakers Summit every 2 years; this is the place for speakers with international ambitions. In addition to new valuable contacts, international business opportunities arise here.

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