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Professional Member

These are speakers who regularly give a paid presentation, speech, training, workshop or webinar to the public, nationally and/or internationally.

You can become a Professional Member:

  • If you have performed at least 20 paid speaking assignments in the last 12 months for a minimum of 14 audience members, with a minimum speaker fee of € 600 each

  • If you have generated at least € 25,000 in turnover as a speaker or trainer in the last 24 months

  • If your portfolio has been positively assessed by the assessment committee.

  • If you have attended at least 5 PSA meetings in the last 12 months; (visiting a convention of a speaker association or Toastmasters counts 1x);

  • And if you subscribe to the PSA Netherlands Code of Conduct.


A professional member must demonstrate again every 5 years that he/she still meets the conditions. In order to continue to improve quality, receiving coaching on speaker and business skills (via the mentoring program, participation in a mastermind group or other individual coaching) is a must and condition to remain a Professional member.


If you are unable to demonstrate your continued professionalism, you can rejoin the membership.

There is a one-time fee associated with the assessment of the speaker portfolio for professional members: € 120

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